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Alburel (albumine)

Manufacturer : Reliance

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1 x 1 vial $130.00 $130.00
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The vial contains the most abundant type of protein found in human blood plasma. This protein is produced by the liver. This medication is known as the active plasma volume expander. Through double pasteurization the vial is made virus free. Human albumin boosts the intravascular oncotic pressure cause the fluids to move from interstitial into intravascular space. Human albumin 5% is used in hypovolmeic patients. Other patients include hypoproteinaemia, pediatric and cerebal oedema patients who are given human albumin 25% as their sodium intake need to be reduced.
The rate of infusion and dosage should be adjusted according to the requirement of the patient. The dosage is mostly adjusted by calculating the weight of the patient with per gram of human albumin.
Warning & Precautions
Don't take the drug without consulting a doctor or physician .
Side Effects
Severe hypotension, volume overload, transmission of infectious agent. Special care should be taken while administering the drug so that to avoid any of these side effects.
Store the vial at a temperature ranging between 2 to 8 Celsius.
Every piece of information about the drug is intended to be general in nature. We neither claim any guarantee nor endorse any product or its manufacturer